GPS Solutions

GPS Solutions

Web based Tracking Systems

GPS tracking for people, vehicles and other assets

Crystal Ball™® is a web based GPS tracking solution that tracks mobiles, vehicles and assets, including lone worker protection, on a single platform.

The system can be accessed at anytime, anywhere in the world through an internet connection on any PC or mobile handset. The user simply accesses the system through the Crystal Ball™ website, and does not require any software download.

All businesses whether large or small, corporate or local government have identified that Crystal Ball™ GPS tracking will improve business productivity and profitability, reduce overtime claims and fuel expenses, analyse wear and tear on company vehicles and more.

With recent changes in the law, such as The Corporate Manslaughter Act, Working Time Directive and Duty of Care, businesses using a GPS tracking system can also ensure they address the ever tightening legislation. 

Intelligent Monitoring 

Our Asset and Fleet Management Solutions can be Mobile Phone or Vehicle based whether the asset you need to manage is human, automotive or both, Air Telecom can offer Asset & Fleet Management Solutions that can match your requirement and your business could reap some fantastic potential benefits:

Our Management Solutions include:

  • Fleet Management
  • Mobile Worker
  • Lone Worker
  • Asset Management

Potential Key Benefits of a Solution:

  • Control / Audit Trail – Your business can be empowered with Management Information reports directly from the solution. Your business can audit overtime claims, monitor unauthorised use of company assets and speeding. Your fleet administrator can be
    alerted when a vehicle is used out of hours, or out of territory.
  • Rationalise Costs – Vehicle tracking enables your business to seek out the shortest most efficient routes every time and avoid engine
    idling time –reducing fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, and maximising jobs/visits in a given timeframe. This can work similarly with Mobile Track which can monitor location, as well as call and text usage including incoming communication which your usual mobile bill cannot provide.
  • Customer Excellence – You can use a real time view of an individual’s location and progress to inform your customer of expected arrivals. More visits means potential improvement in resolution times.
  • Safety – Knowing where your employees are and their movements has inherent safety benefits. As part of the Health & Safety at Work Act, as an employer you have a ‘duty of care’ for your employees and our Lone Worker Protection solutions will help you adhere to this.

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